About Us

About Us

My name is Anna, I am a co-founder and President of Bon Marche. e-kawa is a unit of Bon Marche. I am a coffee drinker. I started looking for a good cup of coffee for my morning. My husband who was traveling back and forth from Sonoma, California to Rwanda, brought us a selection of World coffees, including two Rwandan coffee bags, and I was hooked. From then on, he was advised to never come back without a good amount of Rwandan coffee.

Bon Marche is a non-profit organization. It has a store in Sonoma. We decided to start selling Rwandan coffee, first in our store, then here online as a way to share it with the world and as a way to help Rwandan farmers who grow it. Bon Marche is a partner of Gardens for Health International (GHI), a US-based non-profit organization that seeks to provide agricultural solutions to the problem of chronic childhood malnutrition.

Our best Rwandan coffee find is Gorilla’s Coffee.

e-kawa, a unit of Bon Marche,
19405 Riverside Dr., Sonoma, CA 95476, (707) 933-9613 bonmarchesonoma@gmail.com

If you are a distributor of coffee and you want to sell to your customers Gorilla’s Coffee, we want to talk to you, send us your contact information. We have some good deal for distributors.

About Gorillas Coffee

Our Gorilla's coffee is sourced from Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company. It produces 100% Arabica Bourbon roasted coffee, branded as “Gorilla’s Coffee,” from the highest quality green coffee beans. It roasts, grinds, and packs specialty coffee grade as defined by (SCAA). Gorilla's Coffee is Fair Trade certified and serves thousands of farmers in Rwanda's countryside.

Gorilla's Coffee is Beyond Fair trade Gorilla's Coffee works with thousands of Rwandan farmers in their quest to move their families out of poverty through their work in a “Beyond Fair Trade” Model. The “Beyond Fair trade” social business model used by Gorilla's Coffee provides a percentage of the profit to the coffee farmers and another percentage goes to the development of coffee farming in Rwanda. When you buy this coffee, you will not only feast on one of the world’s best coffee, you will also be helping thousands of farmers in their quest to move their families out of poverty. Among the beneficiaries are Coffee farmers (1,402) members of Dukundekawa Musasa Cooperative of which 630 (45%) are women coffee growers. Their cooperative produces a good clean and quality coffee. Their profits allowed them to purchase access to clean water for their families.

Gorilla's Coffee, Adding value to coffee, improving farmers’ livelihood Gorilla’s Coffee is a sublime delicious coffee produced from the rich volcanic soils of the Land of a Thousand Hills, Rwanda. By paying the best market prices while insisting on transparency at the farmer level, the factory improves management in coffee cooperatives and washing stations, encouraging farmer involvement in their operations. As part of the supply chain, the factory also has a trained team of cuppers that work with farmers in evaluating and improving the quality of their coffee.

Gorilla's Coffee is a Top Quality Coffee Gorilla's coffee beans are sourced from coffee cooperatives across Rwanda, which participate in Rwanda Cup of Excellence. Gorilla’s Coffee is the most complex cup of coffee you will ever taste with notes of “Dark chocolate", spices like cloves, cinnamon and a hint of tropical fruits that include lemon, strawberry, and other fruit.” It has a high sweetness, citrus taste of exotic tropical fruits and a clean cup with lingering chocolates, sweetest and long finish.